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Welcome to the Fantasy Alive Wiki!

The Fantasy Alive Wiki-Page is your portal to the game world and all that is held within. You will find canon world lore, legitimate in-game material written by both Player Character and Non Player Character alike. The Wiki-Page is here to further your enjoyment and knowledge of the game, and aid you in fleshing out the finer details of your own character.

The material held within this site is approved by the Lore Team and is under continual effort to update, improve, and expand upon. Player submissions are a life blood of the world lore and are highly encouraged; be it in creation of a nation, city, culture, guild, etc. If there are sections you feel that should be expanded upon then make mention, or better yet write a proposal for submission. Please have a read, learn about the world, and most importantly have fun!

For those wishing to submit lore to be reviewed please email:

Submissions are subject to be edited by the Lore Team to ensure they fit properly into the world lore.

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