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Intellectual Property Usage Policy

Fantasy Alive LRP owns the rights to all rules and game world information including characters, deities, places and stories. These pieces of Intellectual Property (IP) may be used freely by all participants of Fantasy Alive within officially sanctioned events and places (such as message boards). Use of Fantasy Alive IP outside of these bounds, or receiving compensation for using this IP by any person or company other than Fantasy Alive is prohibited without all of these stipulations followed:

  • All products of Fantasy Alive IP must comply with the Fantasy Alive Code of Conduct.
  • Before beginning a project involving Fantasy Alive IP, the creator must submit a proposal for approval by the Owners of Fantasy Alive, or a chosen representative.
  • The final product of Fantasy Alive IP must be approved by the Owners of Fantasy Alive, or a chosen representative before it is used or distributed. Once approved, the product may not be altered without obtaining approval again.
  • Fantasy Alive may require changes to the product in order to gain approval. These changes will be discussed by Fantasy Alive and the creator as necessary.
  • Fantasy Alive may not substantially alter the product of an IP without approval from the creator.
  • Fantasy Alive retains the right to use all products of its IP for the game and marketing purposes.
  • The product of Fantasy Alive IP may be used freely by the creator for personal use.
  • A product of Fantasy Alive IP used for commercial or for-profit is subject to a fee to be paid to Fantasy Alive to be negotiated before the IP is used in this manner.
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